True Love Tales

Friends of True Love Tales

Heres a little list of all the friends of the site.  people who have contributed or just showed an interest :D

Jo - Thats's me. many people know me over at Fanforum or PoTL as a droplet of jupiter. I'm insane, not right in the head and i decide to dedicate a fansite when all others are closing,  But that is just what i do!
Daphnee - She's the number one lady around here (apart from me of course)  she's gorgeous and tallented, she even goes into work at 6am.  she is a wonderful inspirational lady and if i'm lucky she might just write me one of her fantastic stories for the site. YAY.  find Dphnee's story linked here

Jenn - This little lady is very active over at fanforum... u wanna know something about PJ u ask this girl lol.  she's on here because she was the first to contribute her PJ moment, (find it here ) I'm sure she will have many more moment and im sure people will contribute soon. luv ya Jenn.

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