True Love Tales

Tuscan Dreams


Part One


“Oh come on!” Jen Lindley said to her friend as she zipped up her suitcase. “Just throw a few bathing suits, a couple pair of jeans, some of those vest things you insist on wearing in a suitcase with a few summer dresses, a few pairs of underwear and twelve pairs of shoes and come with me,”

“No,” Joey sulked, lying face down on her friends bed with her face buried in the pillow. “I’m not in the mood,”

“Come on Joey, you cant just sit here in your bedroom all summer sulking because Dawson Leery went off to follow his dreams,” she told her, sitting on the bed and resting her hands on the back of Joeys knees. For days Joey had been in a downer and she couldn’t tolerate it anymore.

“Of course not,” Joey said, sitting up. “I was thinking about going downwards in a spiral of depression first of all, then put on thirty pounds, buy twenty cats and live in an old grey cardigan that I never wash… Depression is a hard job but someone has to do it,”

“Joey!” Jen groaned, slumping down on the bed beside her. “Come on, you already have your ticket,”

“Give it away,” She sulked. “I don’t need it,”

“To whom?”

“I don’t care,” she sighed. “Give it to Jack,”

“I gave Dawson’s to Jack,”

“Well then tell Jack to take a friend, that Ethan guy is pretty cute” she ordered.

“Yes and that’s why Ethan has just splashed out on his own plane ticket and is coming with us,”


“Yeah,” Jen sighed, relaxing her argument for a moment before slapping Joey on the shoulder and sitting up. “So come on you cant leave me alone with a budding gay romance and a girl who thinks that organizing her encyclopedia collection is an exciting Friday night“

“I’m sorry Jen,” Joey apologized. “But I’m just not going, and you can’t make me”

“want to bet? I can make you alright,”

“You couldn’t take me; I’m taller, stronger and have a much more forceful bitch-slap,”

“Okay what if I got jackers to physically remove you from this room and force you onto that plane?”

“Jack wouldn’t do it,” she told her. “He fears my wrath,”

“Please Joey,” Jen begged. “I’ll get down on my knees and beg if I have to,” she told her and Joey just shook her head.

“It wouldn’t make any difference,”

“I can try,” the blonde girl said, dropping down to her knees and grabbing onto her friends legs, looking up at her. “Please, please, please, please, please Joey… come with me. This is the last summer we will ever have in which to go and have fun without a care in the world,”

“I have background reading to do,”

“That’s no excuse,”

“It’s a very well-thought-out excuse actually,”

“You can read by the pool,” Jen told her.

“The sun gets in my eyes,”

“That’s what sunglasses are for,”

"It's still too hot,"

“Then read on the shaded terrace,”

“Too cold,”


“You’re right,” Joey said standing up. “I’m transparent. In fact I’m so transparent that I’ll be having a miserable time with no way to hide it. I’ll just be very bad company,”

“Oh come on Joey,” Jen pleaded again. “I need you. I can’t bear the guilt of months away when you’re here working at the yacht club again. If you don’t come you’ll spoil my whole summer,”

“Tice try,” Joey said, stepping away from her friends grasp. “I think I’m going to go and eat my own weight in chocolate-chip ice-cream now,”

“You can’t just give up on life Because Dawson left for stupid film-camp,”

“It’s not film camp,” Joey said, picking up her purse and heading for the door. “It’s a preparation school,”

“Okay… a very expensive film-camp, but still a film camp,”

“I can’t just swan off to Italy,” she told her. “I have obligations,”

“Such as?”

“The b&b, the yacht club, helping Bessie with Alexander… besides Dawson might ask me to go over to LA for a bit later in the summer,”


“So, I can’t go if I’m in Tuscany,”

“Well ask him over to Tuscany,”

“He wouldn’t come,”

“What do I have to do to get you to come?” Jen asked pursuing Joey down the stairs. “I’ve already begged,”

“Then I guess nothing,”

“Listen!” Jen said, stopping Joey before she left via the backdoor. “You’re sending me to a slow and painful death and I’m just not happy with that,”


“Andie and me will spend the whole summer together because Jack and Ethan will be in lover-land all summer,”

“So; Andie’s nice,”

“Yes… she’s nice but can you imagine her 24hrs a day, seven days a week for three months. That’s two-thousand two-hundred and thirty-two hours of none stop talking! One hundred and thirty-three thousand, nine hundred and twenty minutes of continuous yapping,”


“No… I mean I like her… I do… but if I have to listen to her talk about how she got into Harvard one more time I’m going to snap and kill her I swear. She’s fine in small doses but after one small dose you need to be thinking about a tranquilizer to take the bitch down,”

“She’s not that bad,” Joey chuckled, breaking the first smile in a week. “I feel bad Jen but I’m just not in the mood to leave Capeside right now,”

“Fine,” she sighed. “I’m breaking out the big guns now… if you don’t go then I don’t go,”

“Don’t lie,”

“I’m not… if you don’t go then I won’t go either,”

“Fine,” Joey said. “You and i can have a nice summer here in Capeside together,”


“We can go to the rialto and take walks along the pier... all those things you love doing. Who needs Tuscany’s rolling hills and gorgeous Italian men when you can spend another summer here with me and all the visitors? Hey you could even help out at the yacht club; I know how much you love work,”

Jen stared at her friend for a moment until the pressure got to her and she gave in. “Okay, that was a bluff… I’m definitely going, there’s no way I’m missing out on this opportunity to spend another three months in this place. I just wish you would come,”

“Bye Jen!” Joey said turning around and walking towards the dock.

Three months at home wasn’t a disaster, after all that’s all she usually did in the summer; maybe it would be nice to spend her last summer at home with her family, doing all her day-to-day things. It was comforting, why would she want to leave and break the routine?

“Joey!” Bessie Called in the morning as Joey was reading in her room. “Joey!”

“What?” Joey asked, putting down her book for the third time that morning. It was ten o’clock and she had only managed to read the first two pages. “I’m trying to read,”

“Yes I know, but don’t you think that this summer is going to be a life of luxury for you, I have to run Alex to the ear doctor to check on his infection and I want all the beds make and all the rooms cleaned by the time I get back,”

“I can’t do it… I have some background reading to do,”

“You have three months for that whereas you have approximately an hour to clean the rooms before the next guests arrive so I suggest you get to it,”

Picking Alexander up, Bessie left the house with the slam of the door and Joey took a deep breath, closing her book. She would have to come back to it later; she always had to come back to everything later. As she tidied the first room the phone rang, an unfamiliar number flashing on the ID display.

“Hello Potter B&B,”

“Joey!” The voice from the other end was familiar and made her smile.

“Dawson?” She asked, sitting on the edge of the bed. “I was starting to think you would never call,”

“Did you get the letter yet?”

“What latter?” she asked, walking through the house and checking the pile of mail. “No letter here for me,”

“Oh,” Dawson said, his voice falling. “Well I wrote you,”

“Yeah?” She asked. “What did it say?”

“Oh… y’know…” Dawson stalled. “Just some things… feelings, thoughts and… well… some important things,”

“Well why don’t you tell me now?”

“Err… I can’t remember exactly what I said and I have to go,” he told her.


“Yeah… I have a class…”

“I love you,” she told the dial tone before hanging up the phone and getting on with her chores. It was just like every day but without Dawson; life without him sure was different.

The phone rang again and she let the machine get it as she tidied the bed.

“Joey, its Jen… if you’re there pick up,”

She thought about it for a moment; pondered answering it but thought better of it. She knew what she was going to say anyway.

“Okay then, ignore me… I just thought that I would remind you that we leave for the airport in twelve hours and I would love it if you would come. I still have your ticket… I still want you to come,”

She hung up the phone and Joey gazed at the flashing light on the machine… those last few words “I still want you” rang a bell in her head. That hadn’t exactly been the tone of Dawson’s voice. Maybe Tuscany wasn’t a bad idea, but could she really go and leave Bessie in a lurch, she knew she couldn’t just leave the country, after all there was Dawson to consider.

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