True Love Tales

Tuscan Dreams


Part 2

“Oh come on Pace,” Doug Witter pleaded, crossing his arms and looking down at his brother who lay on the couch eating rice crispie’s from a mixing bowl. “This was your idea,”

“Yes, but that was before Nikki dumped my ass,”

“What difference does that make?”

“Well, for a start, I thought it would be a nice romantic getaway with a few friends y‘know? We could sip wine and watch the sun setting on the horizon, go skinny dipping in the pool--,”

“Not the communal pool you wouldn’t,” he told him. “I don’t want to go swimming in the same place you got your rocks off,”

“Well it won’t happen now will it? We wont get the chance to do all that stuff; we were going to walk hand-in-hand through he green meadows. But that dream is over; gone… It has been shit on from a great height; man I can’t believe she dumped me like that,”

“She did not dump you Pace,”

“She stopped calling, she ignores me when she sees me walking down the street and she moved to Poland,”

“No… she’s moving to Poland, right now she lives six blocks away,”

“She may as well be in Poland,”

“That’s just idiot’s talk Pacey,”

“I mean… think about it for a moment,” Pacey said letting his head fall back onto the couch. “I have failed in relationships before; but never in my life did I ever imagine that a girl would hate me so much that she traveled well over four-thousand miles just to get away from me,”

“Its not like she’s moving to get away from you, she wants to go and find her roots; her roots are in Poland,”

“What about Poland New York?” he asked. “That’s well under two-hundred miles… but no she had to go to the Poland in Europe… the cold one,”

“She can’t help where she comes from Pacey,”

“Yeah but she can help where she goes,”

“Stop being so self-centered, pick up the phone and call her,”

“No,” Pacey said, getting up and walking towards the kitchen. “She’s missing out on all the Pacey-love… her loss,”

“But it was you told her that your lives were going in two different directions, what did you really expect?”

“Okay, okay!” Pacey sighed. “I know, but I thought we could work on it; I knew we were going in different directions I just didn’t think that the different direction would be all the way in Poland; a different country, a different continent; a very different climate and a place where they wear funny mittens, drink vodka and speak a whole different language,”

“I think you could be thinking of Russia—and a very stereotypical Russia at that,”

“What’s the difference Doug? I mean she may as well move to the South Pole… she’s still leaving me,”

“Yes, well maybe she would have still come before she actually left for Poland if you hadn’t used your normal Pacey retort system of self-comfort,”

“Look Doug,” Pacey said leaning on the kitchen bench, “I know you have this whole thing about not wanting to leave me alone for three months to pick up the shattered pieces of my heart but I’ll be fine really,”

“Ring her,” he said, throwing him the phone. “Ring her and apologize; ask her to come,” Doug suggested, taking off his coat and draping it over the chair in the apartment he shared with his brother. “Beg and plead with her to take you back,”

“No way!”

“Just tell her that you love her, and you were upset but that you’re sorry for what you said and that you want to work things…”

“But I’m not sorry for what I said Doug,” he told him,. “I don’t love her and I have no interest in working things out, she’s moving to freaking Poland! Was I just meant to sit down and say ‘fine, okay sweetheart, I’ll see you when you get back in three years?’”

“You love her,”

“No I don’t,” he denied. “I’m fine without her; I can live without her; no problem,”

“Then come to Tuscany and live without her; it’s all paid for,”

“Take someone else Doug; take that guy you’re dating,” Pacey joked, giving him enough satisfaction for a smile as he walked over to the sink to dump his bowl.

“Pacey! I am not gay,” He warned. “But I’m going to let you get away with that gay joke because you’re heartbroken but--”

“I’m fine Doug; I’m not heartbroken, I’ll live I swear,”

“What about all those Italian girls?” he asked and Pacey shrugged his shoulders. “Foreign girls love you, don’t you remember when those French girls that met you at a party and they wanted to take you back home? Foreign girls love you, all that idiotic witty charm translates well into different languages,”


“Think about it Pacey, it‘s your idea of paradise… all those girls with their long tanned legs, dark hair tumbling down their backs and little yellow sun-dresses with pink flowers on them with tiny white sandals that show off the pearly pink nail polish on their delicate and tanned toes; toe rings in yellow gold that sparkle in the sun. The way they talk in that sexy foreign accent and over-role their r’s--”

“Whoa!” Pacey said, putting his hand up.


“For a moment there that was almost a good impression of a heterosexual man,” Pacey smiled and Doug slapped the back of his head. “It hurt but the pain was worth it to give me some joy in my otherwise miserable life,”

“Oh stop it; it’s been a month get over it. Come to Italy, enjoy the scenery; the wine; the girls,” he said and Pacey shook his head. “You’ve always had a thing for Italian girls Pacey… girls like Penelope Cruz?” he sang.

“She’s Spanish,”

“Salma Hayek?”


“Isabella Rossellini?”

“Fine, she’s Italian but I’m still not going,”

“Three months Pacey, it’s hardly a lifetime and I promise you can still come back and drown yourself in a vat of self-pity when you‘re done,”

“I was thinking about getting a job, y’know? To pay for living seen as college is not an option,”


“Nope!” Pacey shouted as he made his way into the bathroom.

“Come on!” Doug shouted through the door.

“Douggie,” Pacey said, opening the door and handing him his shirt as he removed it. “Right now I’m going to take a shower so I would really appreciate it if you didn’t follow me in… but the answer is, and will forever be, no,”

“What are you going to do here all by yourself?” he asked, stopping Pacey from closing the door.

“Hmm let me see… I live in New York… in the city that never sleeps… so I’m sure that I can find something to curb my boredom,”

“You realize the Drue and Will are coming with us right?” he asked. “Which means no friends to bum around with,”

“I think its you that bums around,” Pacey said quickly, closing the door and locking it, leaving Doug to bang heavily on it.

“When you get out of there you will die,”

Undressing himself he stepped under the hot spray of the shower, leaning against the wall and letting the water cascade down his body. The more he thought about it the more he wished he wasn’t so stubborn; he really had nothing to gain by staying in New York alone, apart from an empty apartment all to himself.

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