True Love Tales

Tuscan Dreams


Part 3
Not-So-Gentle Persuasion

“Will you just leave me alone?” Joey told her friends as she sat at the kitchen table trying to drink her evening cup of hot chocolate. “You already asked me a million times and a million times I have answered with the same two letter response!”

“What if we ask you a million and one times?” Jack asked, sitting beside her

“Take a wild guess,” she told him, glaring through him. “I’ll give you a clue… it has only two letters in it,”

“Err… could it be… Ok?” he asked, moving away from her when she gave him an icy glare. “I don’t think she wants to go,” he told Jen and Andie as they stood behind him. “And frankly I’m scared she’ll hurt me if I ask again,”

“We’re only so insistent because we love you,” Jen said, hopping up on the counter and throwing a letter onto the table that she was sitting on. “We want you to come and have a good time,”

“I know,” She sighed, becoming interested on the letter on the table with an LA Post mark. “And I appreciate it, really I do… but I’m not moving from this spot,” Joey said sternly standing up and pointing to the floor. “This is my summer spot and I intend on staying here. Maybe I’ll drift away from it for a few days to go to Boston, or maybe I’ll take a trip to see Dawson but I’m not going anywhere that means I have to go overseas,”

“Come on Joey, It’ll be fun; just think of it as your last adventure before you go off to college and embark on the rest of your life,” Andie said, walking up behind her and turning her around by her shoulders. “A monumental experience of a different culture, a different life and the most romantic language on earth. The beautiful Tuscan countryside, the sunsets like oil paintings and the rows of never ending green--”

“Okay Andie I get the point,” Joey said cutting her friend off mid-sentence. “I’m sure it’s a very beautiful country and everything but I’m just not going,”

“Tuscany isn’t just a beautiful place Joey; sure it has beautiful scenery and a beautiful language but it’s so full of culture and tradition. Embarking on this trip is a cultural opportunity that will enrich your life,”

“My life is enriched enough thank you,”

“Your mind needs to be opened up Joey, you need to gain a new perspective on life and let yourself have that chance to really experience life instead of limiting yourself to Capeside,”

“I’ve been to Boston,” she argued.

“You’ve never experienced life until you’ve been somewhere to experience a different kind of life and culture,”

“I don’t want to experience different types of life Andie; I have a life I’m very happy with here in Capeside,”

“If you’re saying that this life is the only life you ever wanted then fine; but I know you Joey… you want more to experience. Capeside is beautiful but you haven’t seen architecture until you’ve been to a rural community. The place we’re staying is four hundred years old and it’s big enough to get lost in not to mention the views and the opportunity you’ll have to paint,”

“Yes, exactly,” Jack said joining her, “Three months away; it’s a chance that you may never get again and you’re thinking about giving it up?”

“What if Dawson calls?” she asked “I mean he might ask me to go and stay for a week or something and I wouldn’t be able to; plus how will we talk?”

“Internet does exist in Italy y’know Joey,” Jen said, moving between Andie and Jack, forming a united front of gentle persuasion “This place is huge, it has internet access-- I mean it’s dialup and as we all know dialup is anything but fast but its something. You can still check your email and you still have your cell so he can call,”

“But I won’t be in the same continent as him, let alone the same country,”

“Oh for Gods sake stop moaning,” Jen requested sighing heavily.

“Anyway, Dawson wrote me,” Joey smiled, sitting down at the kitchen table again and looking at the letter. “He can’t write me in Italy,”

“They do have a postal service,” Jack told her. “It’s not outer-space Joey, It’s only Europe,”

“I still feel too far way from him; you don’t understand what it’s like Jack,”

“You gave up Paris for him; don’t let him take Italy away from you too,”

“I could have gone to Paris, but I made the decision to stay here… nobody forced me to stay and nobody is going to force me to go,”

“We’re not going to persuade you are we?” Andie asked and Joey shook her head.

“Sorry Guys, I just can’t go,”

“Fine,” Jen sighed, giving up, “Okay Jack-- to the car!” she ordered.

“One last chance?” Andie sung and Joey shook her head. “Fine, well I‘ll miss you,” she said throwing her arms around her and hugging her tightly. “I guess ill see you in three months,”

“Bye Jo,” Jack said hugging her and leading his sister out the door.

“Please!” Jen begged as soon as they left, holding her hands down to the kitchen table and leaning in close to her face. “Please, please, please don’t leave me alone with those two crazy siblings and a man who is gorgeous and very, very gay,”

“You’ll manage,” Joey said flatly, opening Dawson’s letter which Jen grabbed off her. “Hey!”

“So, that’s it? You’re actually going to leave me to go to Tuscany all alone with a gay couple and a neurotic control freak?”

“Those are two of your best friends,” Joey chuckled, trying to grab the letter but failing. “And Ethan is good eye candy which you can guarantee wont break your already fragile heart,”

“Come on! It wont be the same without you, who can I trust to get so drunk that she inadvertently starts telling tales about her embarrassing moments?”

“Just ply jack with vodka and he’ll do it eventually,” she argued.

“But its not the same” she moaned. “You’re so funny when you’re drunk… Jack tends to just go plain loopy,”

“You’ll find a great guy that has the intelligence of a cabbage but the looks of a god and you’ll be fine,”

“But if he has the intelligence of a cabbage then he won’t be able to speak any English,”

“Italian is sexy… and he’ll still know the word yes,” Joey told her and she pondered it a moment before snapping out of her daze.

“Ok!” Jen sighed, taking her plane ticket from her bag and putting it down on the table. “obviously I’m not going to persuade you by pressuring you,so I give up. We have to leave in exactly four and a half hours for the airport; Take off is in six hours. We’ll be at Gate six; we’ll wait until final call,”


“Just think about it Joey, promise me you’ll think about it,”

“I’ll think about it,” she promised and Jen put her arm around her, hugging her tightly before handing her the letter.

“It won’t be the same without you,”

“Yeah neither will Capeside,” she sighed heavily. “I mean… I’m basically alone this summer apart from Bess and my job at the yacht club,”

“Come then,”

“Jen…” she warned weakly

“Come and just stay a week or two if you want but come,” she pleaded.

“I don’t know,”

“I’ll tell you what; if you decide to come out later in the summer I’ll send you the money,”

“I couldn’t ask you to do that Jen,”

“I want to,”

“Thanks… but I wont be coming,” Joey said, hugging her friend tightly.

“Okay, it’s your call,”

“Bye Jen, have a nice time,” Joey said as she watched her leave. She sighed heavily and picked up her coffee heading into the living room and setting it down, opening up the letter.

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