True Love Tales

Tuscan Dreams


Part 5

Moving on

“Jen!” Jack shouted across the departure lounge to Jen who looked out over the busy airport scanning the crowd for Joey. “Jen are you getting on this plane or what!”

“Five minutes,” She mouthed to him, holding her hand up to indicate it on her fingers.

“Come on!” He repeated, jogging over to her. “If we’re going we have to go now,”

“She’ll be here in a minute,” she told him, moaning when he turned her around by her shoulders.

“How does ‘I’m not going’ translate to ‘yeah I’ll be right there?’ Jack asked sarcastically and ducked when she tried to hit him. “She’s not coming,”

“She could,” Jen argued. “There’s still ten minutes until final call,”

“You know Joey,” Jack told her. “She has to be an hour early for everything; why would this be any different?”

“I don’t know… maybe she got stuck in traffic,”

“Oh come on Jen, you don’t honestly think she’s gong to give in and come after she got a lovey-dovey letter that would only convince her to stay?”

“I can live in hope,”

“Yeah and you can only live in hope so get on the damn plane before we go without you,”

“Fine,” Jen sighed heavily, picking up her hand luggage and heading towards the gate with Jack, taking one last glance backwards before entering.

“What are you doing here?” Pacey asked leaning on the doorframe and looking at the girl that stood in front of him.

“I got your message,”

“Yeah?” he asked, crossing his arms over his chest and looking at her. “And?”

“My mom’s been sick… I couldn’t really call you for a while; she was in hospital”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” He said softening his voice a little and placing his hand on her shoulder, rubbing it lightly. “Is she okay?”

“Oh god,” Drue groaned. “Yoko’s back and she’s in the form of the devil”

“Can we talk without the idiot collection?” she asked glaring at Drue before stepping closer to him and looking up to him.

“I’m on my way out right now,” he told her, relaxing a little.

“Where to?”

“Italy,” He chuckled lightly. “Tuscan countryside,”

“Oh yeah, that was today right?”


“I postponed my trip,” she explained. “I’m staying here for a few months so we can spend the summer together now,”

“So you’re coming to Italy?” he asked stepping towards her and putting his arms around her waist

“I can’t,” she told him. “With my mom being so sick I can’t really leave her,”

“So what are you doing here Nikki?” he questioned stepping back from her

“Asking you to stay”

“I can’t just stay,” he told her. “I made a commitment to the guys,”

“What about a commitment to me?”

“What about your commitment to me!” he asked stonily.

“If you stay I’ll make a whole new kind of commitment,” she told him, walking over to him and putting her arms around his neck pulling his tall frame down to her and kissing his lips hungrily.

“Pace?” Doug asked after a moment of watching the two as they played an elaborate game of tonsil hockey against the doorframe. “Pacey?”

“Hmm?” he asked looking up to Doug from the kisses.

“Are you coming?”

“Err…” Pacey mumbled against her lips as she moved her hand around to the front of her pants and pulled him by his belt. “Oh!”

“I’ll leave your ticket,” Doug sighed heavily placing the ticket on his brother bag in the hallway.

Jen sat on the Plane beside Andie with a space between them and put down her magazine, glancing at her watch; the plane should have left off ten minutes ago and at this rate they were going to miss their connecting flight.

“I can’t believe she didn’t come,” Jen mused

“Maybe she’ll catch a later flight,” Andie said, straightening out her hair. “You know what Joey’s like, she’s incapable of rushing these things, she’ll probably turn up in a week or two for a bit,”

“I hope so; she’s really missing out,”

“I know,” Andie sighed and then perked her head up, snapping her face to look at her blonde counterpart. “You should see this place Jen it’s so beautiful!”

“Huh?” she asked suddenly. “What?”

“It’s gorgeous up there,” she told her. “I can’t wait till I get there; I remember when I was thirteen I visited this place and it has all these markets just an hours drive away and it sells the most ripe and beautiful tomatoes on the vine--”

“Andie?” Jen said trying to interrupt

“And zucchini’s and sweet peppers. They have this beautiful tasting wine that they sell in these pots- more like jars and--”


“It is the most beautiful little village where--”

“Andie?” Jen tried again, putting her hand on her forehead,

“They have this cattle market and they weave these little wicker baskets and put olives in them…

“Andie!” Jen shouted finally, drawing attention to them and then blushing.


“Will you talk a little less or switch on the mute please, because flying gives me a headache,”

“Oh, sure Jen,”

“But just tell me one thing… how exactly did you manage to get us three months rent free at a four-hundred year old farmhouse in rural Italy without selling a kidney?”

“Well,” Andie sighed. “My Aunt Georgia lives in Florence and before she lived in Florence she was engaged to a guy who had this friend who was into real-estate. Anyway the friend with the real-estate’s wife had a childhood friend who refurbished old buildings--” she explained.

“So that’s how we got it?”

“No… the guy who refurbished the old buildings was refurbishing a house in the town not too far from the little village and the guy who did the wiring also owns this farmhouse that he never uses,”

“So how do we get it free?”

“Well… the wiring guy thinks that the refurbishment guy has a friend he’s helping out, which technically he does. The Italians are very kind people,”

“Oh,” Jen said, “I see. So long story short; its very complicated and I shouldn’t ever ask again,”

“More or less,”

“I get ya. God I wonder what’s taking so long, this flight was meant to go fifteen minutes ago. If we don’t take off now we’re going to miss our flight from New York. Why didn’t we just drive to New York Andie?”

“It takes four hours,”


“So it adds eight hours onto the total time traveling and who wants that?”

“But we waste so much time in airports anyway,”

“Well its done now isn’t it,” Andie said, opening her magazine and staring blankly at the pages..

“God what’s the damn delay!” Jen sighed, putting her hand back on her forehead. “Air-travel is so stressful; I don’t even know why I’m coming,”

“I don’t know why it’s so late,” Andie shrugged. “But I think I’m going to sit beside Jack and Ethan,” she said.

“Great idea Andie,” Jen said watching her as I left. “That way I won’t have to choke myself on my peanuts just to get away from that voice that invades my nightmares in the form of a nails down a blackboard,” Jen mumbled to herself as she opened her peanuts and gazed at the contents dreamily.

“Huh?” Andie asked turning around.


“See you in New York,” she said excitedly walking forward a few rows until she reached Jack and sat beside him.

Jen relaxed for a moment, resting her head back on the seat.

“I’m here,” she heard a deadpan voice say and turned her heads smiling when Joey smiled back sadly and sat down beside her.

“You came!” Jen said, hugging her and feeling her slow sigh. “Why did you come?”

“The letter,” she said sadly. “It’s over,”

“That was amazing!” Nikki breathed heavily, lying back down in the bed beside Pacey who stared at the ceiling. “I certainly missed that,”

“Yeah,” he mumbled beside her, releasing a deep breath.

“Didn’t you enjoy it Pace?”

“Yeah… it was fine,”

“Fine?” She questioned, rolling over and laying her head on his chest. “I thought it was fucking fantastic… or fantastic fucking… either way describes it,”

“Why did you come back?”

“What do you mean?”

“Why did you come back? Was it just to take my holiday away from me so that I couldn’t have anything?”

“Of course not,” she chuckled, sitting up and holding the sheet around her. “That’s insane,”

“Then why?”

“I missed you; I missed this,”

“You missed sex didn’t you?” He asked, glaring at her until she answered.

“What else about you would I miss? I mean… sex is your forte,”

“My forte?” He asked, pursing his lips together. “What do you mean by that?”

“We’ve been over big words before honey,” she told him sweetly, leaning back down to him. “It means you’re good at it,”

“Don’t patronize me in my own home,” he said angrily pushing her off him lightly. “Did you come back for sex or did you come back for me?”

“It’s the same thing isn’t it?”

“No its not the same thing Nikki,” Pacey said angrily getting out of bed and slipping on his jeans, throwing her some of her clothes. “Put them on and get out,”

“I don’t see the problem Pacey… I mean any normal guy would love that a girl comes for sex and nothing else,”

“Do you even know me?” he asked. “I mean was there ever one moment where you didn’t use me, patronize me or abuse me to get what you want?”

“Abuse?” She laughed out. “You say that as if you weren’t willing!”

“You know what I mean,”

“No I don’t. Pacey we started this out as a purely sexual relationship,”

“And you still see it that way?” He asked, “After everything we’ve been through you still see it as a casual sexual relationship?”

“What did you think Pacey?” She laughed walking over to him and putting her arms around him. “Did you think I was in love with you or something?”

“You said you were,” Pacey said stonily, removing her arms from his body.

“I was playing the game Pace. But I saw other guys and you saw other girls; we were completely open about it,”

“Are you still seeing other guys because I stopped well over a year ago?”

“Of course,” she chuckled. “You don’t actually think that you’re I want, do you?”

“I thought that maybe you loved me,”

“Maybe I do in a realistic way for our society and the differences between us,”

“Okay explain that right now!”

“Oh come on Pacey,” she said walking towards him. “Stop with all the nonsense and lets go back to bed and have sex; I know how much you like angry sex,”

“I don’t want to,”

“Of course you want to,” Nikki smiled, kissing his lips only to be pushed away. “You’re so moody,”

“I’m angry,”

“You’re angry because a girl wants to have sex with you,?” she laughed. “Come on I’ve seen you play hard to get before but this is ridiculous; just take off your pants and get nakked!”

“I don’t want To Nicolette,”

“Ooh I must be in trouble,” she mocked,. “Pacey’s calling me by my full name. I’m so scared,” she chuckled. “Stop playing Pace and come and give me what I want,”

“Why? Why should it always be what you want?” he asked pushing her away. “Why is everything on your schedule?”

“When a master owns an animal there is a very specific relationship Pacey; the owner is the master and the animal is the dog. The dog does what he is told to do when he’s told to do it and he never argues back. Guess who you are… the master or the dog?”

“Just get the hell out Nikki,” he growled, throwing her the shirt she had been wearing when she came over. “I’m no dog,”

“Oh please Pacey you are such a dog, but we both know that your bark is worse than your bite,”

“I wouldn’t count on that that right now,” he said gritting his teeth and grabbing her arm pushing her towards the door.

“You going to bite Pacey?” Nikki asked staring through him. “You blame your bite on your father; but maybe its you. You want to hit me? We both know you want to; you’ve held back so many times… why don’t you just let all that rage go,”

“You better get the hell out of my apartment before I lose it Nikki,” he warned softly, looking at the ground. “I can’t lose it with you; I can’t let myself,”

“Just lose it; i can take it. Lash out like the animal you are,”

“I don’t lash out Nikki; its not who I am,”

“You’re an animal Pacey and you shouldn’t hold it back. Go to your instinct like the animal that you and all your relatives are. You know it turns me on,”

“I’m not playing this sick game with you Nikki; I’m not going to let you manipulate me anymore!,”

“Oh please… you like being manipulated Pacey; it makes you feel wanted,”

“It makes me feel used”

“And what’s wrong with that; people use other people all the time,”

“I don’t use you,” he told her, stepping towards her and glaring. “All I have ever done is love you… or try to love you. What kind of guy do you think I am?”

“You’re trash Pacey... why do you think I want you. Do you even know how much it pisses off my father that I’m here in the apartment screwing you instead of the guy he wants me to?” she laughed slightly, “ you might be sexy and the best screw ever but you’re not the kind of guy I’m ever going to be with. I mean I can’t waste my status on you; my father is one of the most powerful businessmen in New York for god’s sake!”

“You said you loved me,” he whispered harshly. “Do you even know what love is to love me?”

“I do love you… in a way that anyone could love someone like you,”

“Someone like me?”

“Y’know… someone like you,” she repeated

“No I don’t know… explain it!”

“You’re… y’know… the… the help,”

“The help?”

“Being with you is like screwing the Gardner; it’s fun to play around with him and have wild sex in the dirt but at the end of the day he belongs with the maid, not the lady”

“And you think you’re some kind of Lady Nikki? You’re a slut! A manipulative, cold slut,”

“Better a slut than a son of an abusive pig,”

“I thought my life was bad,” Pacey growled, narrowing his eyes at her as he stalked her towards the front door. “I never really had love from my parents – I relied on Doug and Gretchen to give me all the love I needed… but you? Nobody loves you Nikki,”

“You love me,” she told him, walking over to him and smiling up at him.

“I don’t love you,” he told her in a harsh whisper and watcher her as she shook her head.

“You’re lying so that you get the power,”

“No. An hour ago I loved you but now I don’t even know who the hell you are!”

“You’re lying,” she laughed. “Of course you love me,”

“Nobody loves you Nikki; how can you love someone without a heart?”

“You love me,” she told him letting the tears seep from her eyes. “You have to love me,”

“Why?” He whispered. “I’m trash remember? The son of an abusive pig,”

“You love me Pacey… you say it all the time.” She cried silently. “You do. You love me and you mean it”

“I can’t love you Nikki; I can’t even stand to look at you let alone love you. I don’t want to see you again!”


“I’m going away fro a while and when I come back I hope to God you’re gone!”

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