True Love Tales

Tuscan Dreams


Part 6


Jack and Andie sat in the restaurant drinking coffee with Ethan as they stared at Jen and Joey sitting on a bench talking. The connection was delayed by thirty minutes and all the waiting was starting to wear down their happy holiday spirit.

“Do you think Jen’s managed to get the gossip yet?” Andie asked, pretending she wasn’t paying any attention. “Because I am just dying to know what was in that letter that made her come,”

“No;” Jack sighed shaking his head. “When Joey has a secret she has a big secret; I think it was another woman,”

“Or another man,” Ethan piped in and chuckled at the look Andie and Jack gave him. “What? My radar is the best around and that guy had a big flashing light on his big fat forehead that said ‘fag’,”

“No,” jack disagreed. “Dawson was straight, without a doubt”

“How do you know?”

“I’ve known the guy years and not once has he ever shown any interest in me,”

“Yeah well you’re not the only gay guy in America,” he laughed drinking his coffee. “I mean you’re cute and everything but just because he’s gay you know that doesn’t make him active gay,”

“He’s not gay!” Jack almost shouted. “He’s just arty,”

“There’s something strange about how much he liked Spielberg; it stinks of arty homosexual obsession. I used to have one with Ron Howard,”

“Ritchie?” Andie laughed. “You go from Ritchie to Jack?”

“My taste has improved since those happy days,”

“Not even the fonze?” Jack questioned. “I mean… Ritchie?”

“Yes, what’s so wrong about that; I bet you had a little crush,”

“Brad Pitt,” Andie answered for him. “He always had a Brad Pitt thing going on, y’know in interview with the vampire,”

“Hey,” Jen sighed as she sat down. “They announced the flight,”

“So did you get any info?” Andie asked. “Any indication on what he’s done?”

“Or who he’s done,” Ethan chipped in receiving an elbow in the chest.

“No clue as yet. All I know is its over and she doesn’t want to talk about it,”

“I wonder if yoko has eaten Pace alive yet?” Drue asked will as they sat down on the plane and put their luggage in the locker.

“She’s not so bad,”

“Not so bad?” He laughed. “God that’s funny; she’s Cruella de-slut,”

“Just because someone has slept with a few people it doesn’t make her a slut,”

“Hey babe!” Drue asked Lisa as she sat between them. “What do you think of Yoko?”

“Yoko?” She asked. “Oh! Nicolette Adamski? She’s touching on professional slut -- New York society style -- High school with her was like living in an educated brothel,”

“See?” Drue said. “Slut,”

“Manipulative slut,” Lisa added as she opened up her magazine. “And that’s being kind,”

“It’s about time this flight left!” Jen groaned as she sat between Joey and Jack in the middle aisle. “At least it feels like we’re actually going on holiday,”

“You’re cranky when you fly,” Joey sighed, fastening her belt. “Remind me to sit next to Andie on the way back,”

“I wouldn’t,” Ethan mumbled from behind then where he sat next to Andie. “Its hell,”

“I wonder if there’s anyone I could join the mile-high club with?” Jen said gazing around and landing her eyes on Doug as he sat on his own with his head in a newspaper.

“Gay— cute gay,” Jack whispered.

“He is so not gay!”

“He’s gay,”

“How do you know?” She asked.


“Damn,” Jen sighed. “Well at least you have Ethan,”

“Damn,” Jack joked.

“Okay. It’s a confined space and you can’t escape for at least six and a half hours so would you care to tell me exactly what the hell happened between you and Dawson?” Jen said, turning to face Joey, taking her book away and closing it.

“I told you; it’s over,”

“But why is it over?”

“We called it off,”


“Distance; work schedule; lives pulling us in two drastically different directions; LA versus Boston… I’d say pretty much every factor that you could mention and the fact I didn’t sleep with him before he left.”

“I’m really sorry,” Jen said taking Joey’s hand and squeezing it. “He’s an asshole,”

“Major asshole,”

“But hey do you know what I think you need?” she asked her, swiping some hair out of her friends downcast face.

“An alcoholic tendency?”

“No,” she laughed.

“A drug problem?”



“Don’t be stupid… you need an Italian Stallion,”

“I do?” she asked, smirking lightly. “An Italian stallion?”

“Yes! I think we need to get you an anti-Dawson Leery. Y’know the complete opposite of him,”

“Which would be what? Someone without any hopes, dreams or potential? Because that would be great,” she said sarcastically.

“No,” Jen smiled. “Someone tall-- now I know Dawson isn’t exactly short but I couldn’t actually suggest with a straight face that you go for a dwarf,”

“Riiiight,” Joey chuckled, humouring her.

“So I say we have a lower height limit of six foot one; he should have dark hair and blue eyes. Someone funny, but smart in a hidden way, y’know like… modest about his intelligence,”

“Ahhh, so he’s allowed intelligence?”

“I suppose so,” she told her dryly. “If you must pick someone who can think for themselves,”

“Thank you,” Joey drones sarcastically, shaking her head.

“And of course he’ll be a little athletic- but not too much because you don’t want to have to listen to him talk about sports. I’m thinking charming and sexy and very funny,”

“And this is an Italian stallion, which would mean that he speaks no English?” she told her and Jen opened her mouth, unable to speak.

“Okay… so maybe he’s an Italian who’s fluent in English,”

“So you actually suggest that I go out there and find-- for completely sexual purposes-- A dumb, yet fluently English speaking, Italian Stallion?”

“Well… y’know what… he doesn’t’t even have to be Italian, he just has to be in Italy when you’re in Italy and be willing to relieve your sexual tension for a few short months,”

“And what will I do with this handsome-dumb-athletic-probably-not-Italian-stallion when our time is up?”

“Break his poor little heart?”

“That’s just mean!”

“Well you’re allowed to be mean, you just got…” Jen spoke and then cut herself off.


“Well-- I was--- well no-- maybe… okay I was going to say dumped but… I think it’s more like a…. a… an opportunity to be free and express yourself sexually with a complete stranger,”

“It sure doesn’t feel like an opportunity,” Joey said sadly, putting on her seatbelt as the lights instructed. “It feels like a nightmare,”

“Just you wait until you meet the anti-Dawson… he’ll change your mind,”

“Yeah if he exists,”

“We’ll find him,” Jen smiled. “But y’know you’re recovering from the break up of a relationship so I may just have to test him out for you first,”

“You’re welcome to him; right now I just want to be alone, and I don’t think any man could change my mind about that,”

“Come on!” Jen whispered to herself as she waited for the person to come out of the bathroom. “I need to pee,” There was still someone in front of her and he looked like the kind of guy that would take forever in there just to punish her.

“Do you have some sort of problem?” Drue asked as he turned around and looked at her.

“Yes! I’m dying here and it’s not like I can go in the bushes – this is an airplane bathroom,”

“I know. Mind you that guy and his girlfriend have been in there for a good ten minutes joining the club if you know what I mean,” he said, leaning down to her and twitching his eyebrows

“I know what you mean,” she smiled, leaning on the wall. “I’m Jen,”

“I’m err… Pacey,” he lied shooting her a smile

“Hi… err… Pacey,” she flirted

“Hi Jen,” he mocked. “Do you want to go ahead of me?”

“Thank you!” She whispered, ducking under his arm just in time for the couple to come out the bathroom. “I don’t know how to thank you,” she added as she disappeared into the bathroom.

“What’s Your smile for?” Joey asked as Jen returned to her seat a little dazed.

“I just joined the club,”

“What club? The take forever-peeing club?”

“No!” Jen smiled taking a drink of water from her bottle. “The mile-high club,”

“With who?”

“A guy I picked up in the line for the bathroom.” She explained.

“Was he a tall guy?” Jack asked, looking over at Drue as he walked back to his seat.


“Blue eyes; blue jeans and a grey t-shirt?” he asked.

“How do you know?”

“I saw him follow after you,” he told her pointing to him. “The guy who just went back to his seat and kissed his girlfriend?”

“That bastard!” Jen said angrily. “I’m going to go over and tell his girlfriend just what a bastard that Pacey is!”

“Don’t bother,” Joey told her, pulling her back. “You’ll never see him again,”

“Never trust anyone called Pacey,”

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