True Love Tales

Old Blue Jeans


Part 1

In The Beginning
“So? What did you think?”

“Of what?”

“Of the house”

“Oh was that a house?” Joey Potter asked looking back at the building she had just been viewing “I thought it was a scrap yard?”

“Okay, I admit it needs a little work,”

“A little work?” she chuckled, pointing to it. “a little work is a coat of paint here and the odd restoration there… that thing needs a whole new kitchen and a new bathroom… oh yeah and you know what else would be nice? a roof!,”

“It has a roof,” Pacey argued.

“Really? So you’re meant to see the sky when you look up from the inside?” she asked sarcastically as she walked towards the car.

“Okay so maybe that’s a slight problem,” he admitted. “But the rooms are a great size and there’s plenty of room for that pool that you always wanted out back,”
“Pacey,” Joey groaned, walking up to him. “We need a house,”

“I know we need a house,”

“A nice house,” she moaned, putting her arms around his waist and placing her head on his chest, looking up to him. “And a house that we can live in without having to put up an umbrella every time it rains,”

“I know a guy…”

“You always know a guy,” she moaned, banging her head on his chest. “Maybe one day you can aspire to find a guy who actually turns up to finish the job,”

“That was one time!”

“Really?” she asked him, pulling away from him and putting her hands on her hips. “Would you like to tell me when ‘one time’ became ‘every single time’?”

“It was once!” he argued.

“Which ‘once’ are you referring to darling?” She asked sweetly, crossing her arms.

“Well honey” he mocked “the time that I asked Leo’s brother-in-law to come and fix the tv,”

“What about the time you knew someone who knew someone who had a friend who could do your brothers guttering?”

“Oh yeah,” Pacey moaned. “I forgot about that time,”

“And there was the kitchen guy, the plumber, the electrician, the carpenter, the…”

okay!” he said, cutting her off “I get your point,”

“Good,” she smiled, leaning into him and placing a kiss on his lips.

“So that’s a no?”

“It’s a no way in hell Pace,”

“Why don’t we just wait a while,” he suggested. “Y’know just keep our eye on the market and if we see a deal we just jump on it,”

“Pacey, we’re getting married in three weeks… MARRIED… and we’re still living with your brother and his gay life partner,”

“You like jack,” he told her.

“Yeah, I do. I like jack, you like jack… I just wish your brother wouldn’t like jack so much on the couch we have to sit on,”

“One time!”

“Yes but that’s only because I yell ‘and I’m coming into the house now!’ every time I walk in the front door,”

“I’ll find us somewhere,” he promised. “I’ll look at the budget again,”

“Maybe we could just go for a small house, just two bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen-diner kind of deal,”

“But you know I want our dream house for you,” he told her, pulling her towards her again. “I promised you that,”

“Well my dream house has a roof,” she reminded him. “Apartments have roofs,”

“Yeah but with apartments come neighbours and we always said that we wanted to live without the burden of ANOTHER guy who breaks down our door because he’s too drunk to realise that 106 and 109 are different door numbers, or even contemplate that the reason his key doesn’t fit is because he doesn’t live there,”
“That was the city,” she told him. “This is different,”

“Do you really want our kids to grow up in an apartment? I thought that was the reason we moved out of the city. When we have kids we want them to have a good place for them to grow up, an apartment isn’t ideal. Don’t you remember Mrs Stacker in the apartment above us with the new-born triplets? That’s the reason we moved Jo, it was just too noisy,”

“We don’t have to live there forever,”

“But we would have to live there and in reality we would end up there longer than we want,”

“And is that so bad?”

“I want my kids to have a better life than what I had and a better life isn’t an apartment; it’s a house, with a yard for them to play in,” he told her, holding her closely. “I’ll go and crunch rome more numbers, call the agent and see what I can do,”

“Just don’t stretch us too much pace… Nothing is worth getting over our head for,”

“I know,” he nodded, opening the door to the car. “I can free up some funds y’know… sell some stocks,”

“Our retirement fund?” she asked, shaking her head. “No way, we agreed we weren’t touching that whilst the stock was good,”

“We don’t need to sell it all,” he told her. “We just sell a little for some extra capitol. We can sell 10% of the stepotech and get enough to add an extra 70k top our overall budget,”

“We can’t do that,”

“I’m our stockbroker and I say we can,”

“But that’s our retirement fund,”

“Well it just got upgraded to setting-up-home fund,” Pacey said, helping her into the car and jumping in the other side. He started the engine, turning to Joey when she placed her hand on his arm.

“I don’t need a roof THAT much pace,”

“I’ll get you a roof,” he promised. “And if you’re lucky I’ll get you walls too,"

It had been three months of house-hunting hell. A four bedroom house with two reception rooms, large garden and a family kitchen was hard to come by for such a tight budget. Pacey and Joey weren’t the poorest of couples but when it came to setting up home Pacey Witter was a stickler for perfection. He had promised her the world and he didn’t intend on giving her anything less, no matter what it cost.

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