True Love Tales

Old Blue Jeans


Part 2


“Morning Pace!” Jack called as he entered the kitchen, sitting down at the bench and pouring himself a cup of coffee.” shouldn’t you be at work by now?”

“I’m not going in today,” he told him happily.

“Why?” Jack questioned suspiciously. “You didn’t get fired did you because Joey would kill you,”

“Nope,” he smiled. “I have an appointment,”

“An appointment?”

“Yes. At the bank. I have found us a house; a perfect house,”

“One with a roof?” he mocked, flinching when Pacey punched his arm with his fist.

“Yes one with a roof, and windows and even walls,”


“All I had to do was beg, borrow and… almost… steal,”

“Almost?” Jack enquired, looking over the rim of his cup at him. “Define almost,”

“This is New York Jack; the possibilities for acquiring money are endless,”

“What are we talking about? Prostitution? Gambling? Did you try to sell a kidney on eBay again?”

“No. But I did kind of get the sellers price down by implying that maybe I was a little poorer than I said and I now have four make-believe children,” Pacey told him as he put on his jacket. Jack shot him a look, somewhere between intrigued and disgusted. “It’s all the back-story; it’s what I do every day. I have a product and I just have to find the most appropriate way of selling it,”

“You’re the buyer,”

“No. I’m selling myself,”

“Like prostitution,”

“No,” Pacey old him, sitting down beside him. “Look, the sooner we get a house the sooner we’ll be out of your hair,”

“I wonder what that’s like,” Jack sighed. “To have our house to our self after six months,”
“It’ll be great. There is no reason for us to be living here now; we have plenty money and we can afford a mortgage payment. All we need is the house,”

“Just make sure you run your plans over with Joey first, you know what she’s like,”

“What?” Pacey asked. “Reasonable?”

“Ha!” Jack chuckled. “And precisely which Joey Potter are you thinking of?”

“Hey!” Jen exclaimed as she approached her friend in the restaurant at lunchtime. “I didn’t expect to see you here; I thought you were going to be late,”

“I was,” Joey explaindd, reaching into the pushchair and pulling out her goddaughter, Amy, sitting her on her knee. “I sneaked out; the crap I edit will still be crap when I get back,”

“Good thinking!”

“She’s getting so big,” Joey said in disbelief as she bobbed Amy on her lap. “How is she getting so big?”

“She’s seven months Joey,” Jen smiled, removing Amy’s pink hat. “They tend to grow,”

“She’s so cute. Can I have her?”

“Saturday night you can if you want,”

“You’re going out?” Joey asked, placing Amy back in the chair. “You?”


“But you never go out; you haven’t been out since Amy was born,”

“I know. But this really cute guy from work asked me out when I took Amy in for a visit,”

“And he knows that you have a seven month old child which takes up all of your free time?”

“Yes,” she smiled, taking a sip of her water. “But I do need a date for the wedding of the year,”

“Oh yes,” Joey sighed. “That,”

“You’re not having second thoughts are you because I already bought my hat,”

“Of course not. It’s just the house,”

“Ahh,” Her friend sighed knowingly. “Or the lack of house,”

“I mean we’re not poor Jen, but Pacey insists that we have this perfect house. I would be happy with a small house but he’s not having it. He’s got his eye on all these houses; four bedrooms plus with swimming pools and summer houses,”

“And what’s wrong with that?”

“Nothing! Nothings wrong with that… but we can’t afford it. I mean we CAN afford it, if we want to be crippled by the mortgage payments for the next thirty-five years. I mean what kind of stupid person takes on a debt at twenty three that they won’t be free of until they’re fifty-eight?”

“Any twenty-three year old that wants to buy a house unfortunately,”

“What if we get divorced?”

“If you think you’ll get divorced then why are you getting married?”

“I’m not expecting us to… but unexpected things happen. I mean you didn’t expect to have a baby at twenty-two and I’m sure my mom thought she would see her kids through junior-high,”

“That’s true,” Jen told her, leaning acrnss the table and taking her hand. “But what kind of life would you live if you thought about what could go wrong all the time?”

“A good life,” she told her. “a stress free life without any nasty surprises,”
“But do you really want to rule out surprises; I mean Amy was a surprise,” Jen said as she gazed at Amy in the pushchair. “But a really great one,”

Pacey stepped out the elevator and wandered through Joey’s office with a smile on his face and a leather folder in his hand.

“Have you seen my wife-to-be?” He asked the girl at the water-cooler who promptly directed him in the right direction. He walked over to her desk and spun her chair around suddenly, crouching down to his knees. “Hello my darling,”

“Hello intruder who got in the building somehow without a security pass,”

“Oh the guy on the front desk let me in,” he told her. “Nice guy that Bernard,”

“Yeah he’s a hoot,” she sighed, turning back to her desk. “What are you doing here, don’t you have some clients to rip off or something,” she joked, looking over her shoulder at him with a cheeky grin.

“I came to take you home. Early. With the clearance of your boss and via a lovely little building they call ‘rose-hedge house’”

“I can’t just leave early Pacey I have work to do,” she told him, pointing at her desk. “Crap novels don’t edit themselves y’know,”

“I know, I know, the life of a junior exec is busy. Busy, busy, busy… but your boss is very interested in stock tips and so I scored you an early finish,” he told her, picking up her coat and removing her glasses from her face, placing them into her purse. “So c’mon,”

“What’s got into you?” She chuckled, gathering her papers and putting them into her briefcase. “What are you up to?”

“You’ll just have to follow me and see,”

Pacey drove out of the city until he reached Westchester, it wasn’t strictly upstate but it was far away enough to be out of the city. He watched Joey carefully as she gazed out of the window and then back to him.

“We’re in Westchester,” she told him, tucking a stray stand of hair behind her ear.

“Well done, you can read,”

“We can’t afford Westchester,”

“Yes we can,” he assured her. “I crunched some more numbers and came to my senses. Are you aware just how much money we have in our savings?”

“No, I don’t look at our savings, that’s your job,”

“Exactly. Now being in a position to know exactly how much we have in our savings and how much of our money I can release from our share portfolio I happen to know just how much of a deposit we can put down,”

“Well if we had more money than we thought why did we not use it before?”

“Strictly it’s un-releasable, however nothing is impossible,”

“Does this place have a roof?” she asked, looking over at him as he took a turning. “I mean one that we can look at rather than look through,”

“I keep telling you that I thought that was a great investment opportunity; a place that we could have crafted into our very own paradise, but if a roof is what you want then a roof is what you will get my darling,”

“I’m always suspicious when you call me my darling,”

“Well don’t be,” he reassured her, pulling the car into a gravel driveway and removing the keys from the ignition. “I can promise you that this place will not disappoint you,”

“This is it?” she asked, getting out of the car and Joining Pacey in the path. “This thing is the house?”

“Yes,” he smiled, taking her hand. “Great isn’t it.

“No way,” Joey said, turning away from him and walking towards the door. “I am not going in that house,”


“It’s beautiful,”

“So?” he chuckled, turning her around to look at the house.

“So. It’s beautiful and I will love it even more on the inside than I do on the outside,”

“And that’s a bad thing?”

“Yes. Because we cannot afford this,”

“I had a word with the agent and he has promised me that we can knock this price right down. The owner is desperate for a quick sale and there are a few problems in the summerhouse that need attending to. We can knock the price of this baby right down,”

“No,” she said slowly. “Read my lips sweetheart… No,”

“Come on,” Pacey begged, taking her hands and turning her towards the garden, full of colourful flowers and rose-filled hedges. “Look how pretty the garden is. We can dig some of this out and put a patio in with a swing and spend all our evenings out here with a bottle of wine. Wouldn’t you like that?”

“We can’t afford it,” she told him, holding his hands as he wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her close to him. “Its beautiful, but we can’t afford this place,”

“Look at it Jo?” he asked, pointing up at the main building that stood two stories tall, with attic windows. The white building was covered in climbing ivy with old sash windows and cream drapes could be seen through the dusty windows. The windows weren’t perfect; grimy with the odd broken pane, it required restoration but it was perfect. . “I mean imagine what we could do with it?”

“We can’t afford it,”

“Come on,”

Taking her hand, he took her around the house. They walked through the living room and the dining room, before arriving in the kitchen; it was a good size, at least big enough to get six people around the table and another two in the kitchen.

“Look Joey, Think of all the stuff we could do in here?”

“We can’t afford it,” she told him slowly. “Give it up Pace, we just cant afford it,”

“Yes we can Joey,”

“How could we be able to afford this place pace?”

“Easily,” he reassured her holding her against him. “It’s perfect,”

“I know Pacey. It is perfect; it’s everything I always wanted but it’s just too expensive,”

“Well I don’t think it is, and the bank don’t seem to think it is either,”

“What?” She asked, crossing her arms across her chest.

“The bank seemed to think it was well within our budget, if we put down twenty-five percent and opt for a thirty-five year mortgage with a lump sum at the end,”

“Pacey!” Joey shouted, stopping him in his tracks. “I can’t believe you talked to the bank without me,”
“I didn’t want you to be disappointed,”

“So what else did you do without me?” she asked.

“I Bluffinadoper,” he mumbled and Joeys eves shot up, glaring through him.

“You what?” she asked angrily, walking closer to him as he walked backwards towards the wall. “Tell me you did not just say what I think you said,”

“I put in an offer, okay!” he responded, closing his mouth immediately after he had said it.

“You put in an offer on a house without me?” she questioned, placing her hand on her forehead and pacing around the room. “How much for?”

“The house was on for nine-hundred,”

“Nine!” she yelled. “Nine? Nine hundred thousand dollars!”

“Yes-- but I brought him right down,”

“Down to what”? She probed. “Was it six fifty Pacey? Because we agreed that six fifty was all we could afford.

“Down to eight-twenty-nine,”


“Well not eight-thirty… eight-twenty-nine,” he corrected her.

“Well you can just go and withdraw the offer Pacey because there is no way in hell we can afford eight-thirty


“Eight-thirty, eight-twenty-nine, what’s the difference!”

“A thousand?” he offered coyly, following her as she walked away from him quickly. “Oh come on Joey, it’s perfect!”

“Then you live in it,” she told him, opening the door to the car and getting in. “Get yourself home too because I can’t stand to be in this car with you right now,”

“It’s my car!”

“Yeah,” Joey sighed, pausing a moment before getting out the car and walking over to him, handing him the keys. “Your car, your house, your life… but where do I fit in?”

“What kind of stupid-ass question is that?”

“An important one,” she told him, walking closer to him. “You need to ask yourself just how much I fit into your life, because right now I cant see you living in a partnership,”

“What are you saying?”

“Maybe you’re not ready to get married,”

"I am," he reassured her, taking her by her shoulders and looking into her eyes. “I absolutely am,”

"You always said I knew you better than you knew yourself Pace...and I don’t think you're ready to grow up yet,"

“Are you saying you don’t want to get married because of this?”

“No. I’m saying that maybe you need to think about what being part of a partnership means,”

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