True Love Tales

Whenever You Need Me


Part 3

Time After Time

Lying in my bed
I hear the clock tick,
And think of you
Caught up in circles
Confusion is nothing new
Flashback to warm nights
Almost left behind
Suitcase of memories,
Time after…

Sometimes you picture me
I'm walking too far ahead
You're calling to me,
I can't hear just what you have said
And you say go slow
I fall behind
The second hand unwinds

If you're lost you can look and you will find me
Time after time
If you fall I will catch you I'll be waiting
Time after time
If you fall I will catch you I will be waiting
Time after time
Time after time

After my picture fades
And darkness has turned to grey
Watching through windows
You’re wondering if I’m OK
Secrets stolen
From deep inside
The drum beats out of time

If you're lost you can look and you will find me
Time after time
If you fall I will catch you I'll be waiting
Time after time
If you fall I will catch you I will be waiting
Time after time
Time after time
Time after time
Time after time

Pacey woke up from his deep sleep and looked around the unfamiliar room. Blinking twice and rubbing his eyes he gazed at the resting figure beside him in Joey's bed; he smiled as she rubbed her cheek on the pillow and moaned softly. Taking a quick glimpse around the room he got his bearings before getting out of the bed and walking out the door as quietly as possible and made his way into the dark kitchen. He didn't want to wake Joey, she looked so peaceful; her legs were tucked up slightly and her hands had curled up like a child.

Opening the cupboard above the sink he searched for the closest painkiller he could put his hands on; the pain in his side had quickly gone from bad, to worse, to excruciating

"I saw that, Witter," Bessie uttered in slumberous tone as she watched him put the pill in his mouth and take a drink from the tap. “Get a glass!” She yawned, handing him one from the counter. “Sit!”

“I’m sorry Bess,” he said filling the glass and sitting beside her, grabbing his side.

“That’s okay I’m used to you,”

“Tired much?”

“Its four am,” she yawned. “My alarm clock should be ashamed to invent such an hour; I’ve hardly slept.”

“I know the feeling,”

“So, what are you doing up at this ungodly hour?” She asked intrigued looking at him as he leaned forward on the table in his white t-shirt and novelty boxers that could only be a Pacey Witter ensemble. “I would have thought that you would be taking advantage of a bed instead of the back seat of that thing you call an automobile,”

"I just seriously needed some Advil," he said taking the second capsule and taking a drink, wincing at the pain when he moved. "I guess it comes from the way I slept for the last week, it was very uncomfortable in that truck," he told Bessie rubbing his neck with his left hand..

"So whereis your truck? Joey said you walked here, but if you've been sleeping in your truck where is it?"

"Ruins" he said simply. "It's in a hidden area back there. I'll go pick it up after school," he told her. "Listen Bessie, if I'm in the way here you just let me know and I'll go y'know… I don’t want to be a nuisance," he commented shaking his head slowly, “I feel a little like a charity case,”

"Pacey," Bessie said taking his hand, she hated the way he thought he was a charity case. "You are no charity case; you’re family,”

“Family?” He scoffed. “I have no family that I recognize anymore,”

“Yes you do,”

“I have no family; just people with the same flesh and blood,”

“Family doesn’t have to be flesh and Blood Pacey; they just have to care,” she told him stroking his hand as she watched his face fall. “This is your family and who gives a shit if we’re not flesh and blood; not me and definitely not Joey,”

“You’re each others family Bessie, I’m just a guy passing through your life,”

“Look around this house just for one second Pacey," she asked him and he did. He looked at her with his deep blue eyes, questioning her. "This house was just a little family house six months ago. You came in here and you poured your heart and soul into Mom's dream. You didn’t have to, but you did it anyway," she sighed and looked at him. "Your blood, sweat and tears are in this house and now, instead of a tiny little house, we have a dream come true. Every inch of this house has a part of your heart in it. You think this isn't your home?" She shook her head at him and smiled soothingly. "You're so wrong, this is just as much your home as it is mine now.,”

“I just chipped in some free labor,”

“You created this from nothing,” she reminded him. “And if my mom was alive now she would have probably wanted to adopt you to rescue you from that monster that who calls him your father. So stay as long as you want because we're not letting you go back to that house and be treated the way you are."

“Joey told you huh?”

“You're not the only Witter brother I know y'know," Bessie sighed and stood up. "Doug used to talk to me just as much as you confide in Joey," Bessie said sadly. "So don't think you need to hide because I know all about him and his ways," Bessie sighed looking at him. “Doug told me about the drinking years ago,”

“He did?”

“He still does,” she sighed,

"So you know, huh?" Pacey asked sadly as he stood up and walked over to her; she just nodded to him slowly. "Well it's good to know that you understand." He said as he swallowed the lump in his throat, it seemed that the icy Potter exterior was crumbling. "I appreciate it, y'know you're kind of like a sister, Bess," he said shyly. "You're the sister I never had," he told her giving her a bear hug.

"Pacey?" Bessie asked thinking. "You have three sisters," she pointed out laughing softly looking up at him as he held her.

"Well, yes," he admitted. "But one of them is very manly, one is just plain mean and Gretchen never sees me anyway, so I guess you're like my sister," he told her, pulling away from the embrace. "Y'know you're like a sister, Bodie is like a brother and Alex is like a son," he said, his shy tone returning. "I should get back to bed," he said.

"So..." Bessie said teasing him, pulling him back by his elbow. "If I'm your sister, Bodie is your brother and Alexander is your son" she paused, looking at him with a knowing smile. "What is Joey to you? And don’t say your sister."

"Joey?" He asked and smiled nervously, shaking his head.

“Y’know… my sister?”

"Joey is..." he paused, he didn’t quite know what she was to him "Joey is..." he said again, he was trying to think, it was a very simple question but one that he just couldn’t answer. “I don’t know; I have no answer to that,”


“Joey is so much beyond a category,” He said and let out a slow sigh. "Joey is a very special person," he said starting to walk away but turning around before he walked out all the way. "What else can I say?" he asked. "She's Josephine Potter; I think that about sums it up don’t you,”

“She is amazing,”

“Yeah,” Pacey smiled, looking into the bedroom from the kitchen. “Night Bess.”

“Night Pacey,”

Pacey tiptoed back into the bedroom and closed the door lightly before climbing in his side of the bed. “Jo?” He whispered, rolling over onto his side and whispering into her ear. “You up?”

“Nug-ugak,” Joey mumbled in her sleep, hogging the covers under her tightly.

Sighing lightly, he put his arm around her and tried to remove some of the material from her without any luck.

“What are you doing?” She asked, opening her eyes and turning on her back to look at him.

“You’re hogging,”

“Am I?


“Then you shouldn’t have got out of bed should you,” she chuckled rolling over to his side and placing the covers over him. “Happy?”

“Yes. Thank you,”

“Good,” Joey said, rolling back over on her side.



“If I tell you will you promise not to tell anyone or get really mad at me?” he asked softly, whispering in her ear as he pulled her towards him.

“What are you talking about?”

“It’s just really important that I tell you something and I don’t want you be mad,” he told her and she rolled over to face him. “Because I lied to you tonight,”

“I can’t promise to be mad-- you lied to me?”

“Not about what happened but how it happened,”

“Your father didn’t hit you?” She asked, looking a little angry.

“He did… that was all true,”

“Then what?”

“He didn’t hit me because I came home late; he hit me because I came home early,”


“My mom hasn’t been at home a lot recently-- she met this guy and she’s more or less with him all the time. She’s just moving her stuff out a box at a time and hoping my dad doesn’t notice,”

“Your mom’s leaving?” She asked slowly in disbelief, moving up the bed and placing her hand on his shoulder. “Since when?”

“Since she just couldn’t put up with him anymore; maybe since she couldn’t put up with me and my dad knocking seven belles out of each other every night,”

“Why would you do that?”

“My fathers an alcoholic Jo,” he told her sadly, looking down at his hands as she held them. “Every night I come home and I take away his booze and every night he hits me for it. I guess the other night he wasn’t really ready for me to take away his precious friend Jack Daniels,”

“Why?” She asked sharply, moving away from him and sitting up. “Why do it if you know you’re going to get a beating for it,”

“He’s my father Jo! I can’t just let him drink himself away to nothing; I have to do something,”

“If he wants to drink himself away to an early death then let him Pacey; he obviously doesn’t care about you so why should you care about him?”

“Because I want my father back,” he said sadly, covering his face with his hands to stop the tears that glistened in his eyes. “I don’t want a drunk as a father,”

“Do you think I want a convict as a father Pace?” Joey said moving to face him. “We can’t help change our fathers when they’re this far gone,”

“We can’t even try?”

“There’s no point. Especially when you only get punished for trying to save them,”

“Maybe it was worth it; maybe I should just go back and just put up with it,”

“You are kidding?” Joey scoffed. “You think I would actually let you walk out of here and back to that house to get treated that way? I don’t think so!”

“You couldn’t really stop me, Jo,”

“What is with you and this self-destructive and completely erroneous hero complex Pacey? If he’s going to drink himself to death he’s going to do it whether you try to stop him or not!” she told him angrily, pushing him down onto the bed by his chest, making him groan. “I’m not going to stand idly by and watch you behave in such a self-destructive manner. I worry about you Pacey; I worry and I care about you, I love and I respect you. There is no way in hell I am going to let you swan off and hurt yourself to save a man that doesn’t even care about you enough to find out where you’re living!”


“Don’t talk to me,” she said angrily, turning over and putting her back to him. “If you want to save someone why don’t you save yourself for a change, because you’re the one that really needs saving,”

“I don’t know how else to fix my life,” he told her, putting his arm around her and puling her onto her back. Placing his hands on her cheeks he smoothed the skin with his thumb and let her see the tears that hung in his ducts. “I don’t know how I can make my life better,”

“I hate seeing you this way Pacey; I’m trying to look after you because as far as I can see nobody else is and you’re just punishing me by pushing away,” she said sadly, reaching up to his eyes with her hands and wiping the tears. “Why don’t you let someone save you for a change?”

“I dot know how,” Pacey sighed, collapsing onto her and wrapping his arms around her. “I don’t know how to make my life normal,”

“Normal is overrated,” Joey whispered, soothing his hair as she held him against her.

“What’s wrong with me Jo; why do I have such a problem making people love me?”

“It’s the people with the problem Pace, not you,”

“I just wish sometimes that I could put a pin in my life y’know?” He asked, looking up at her as she gazed down sadly. “Put it on hold and go away to do something else for a while. Do something I want to do without having to live with the consequences,”

“Life doesn’t work that way,” Joey said sadly, grazing her thumb over his tear-stained cheek. “If we could put a pin in life don’t you think I would have done that a long time ago?”

“Maybe we could do it together then,” Pacey said smiling lightly and moving his body up to the pillow beside her, facing her and taking her hand in his. “Just have three minutes where we can just pretend that nothing is real,”

“But life is real Pace,”

“I just wish it wasn’t,”

“I suppose…” Joey pondered out load as she lay beside him and took a look at his watch on his wrist. “If two lives are put on hold for a few minutes then it is possible to make it a reality,”

“What are you thinking?”

“We set your watch to vibrate in three minutes time and put both our lives on hiatus then whatever we do wont have to count; it’ll be like it never really existed,”

“You’re suggesting we put our lives on hold for three minutes?” he asked, setting his alarm. “Three minutes right?”

“Three minutes,” she whispered.

“Okay!” Pacey said, pulling her under the covers with him. “Three minutes of a hiatus life,”

“What would you do?” she whispered, laying on his chest and biting her lip.

“Probably rid my house of alcohol and hide my fathers knuckle dusters; you?”

“I’d probably do something out of character,” she said softly, looking up to him. “Kiss someone I shouldn’t want to kiss or something,”

“That’s a good one,” he whispered back, tilting her chin. “I think I’d be happy to jump on that bandwagon too,”

“It’s a popular choice for us people with a pin in our life,” Joey said a little shyly. “Of course it would have to be someone who was near at the time,”

“It wouldn’t work otherwise,”

“And it would need to be someone who was in the same position,”

“I’m going to speed this up because we only have two minutes left,” Pacey mumbled, moving his lips to hrs and kissing them softly, holding her face between her hands.

Joey’s breath caught in her chest as Pacey’s lips came into contact with hers; delivering soft and tender kisses she had never experienced from anyone before. The kiss lingered on her lips for a moment, making her body spark with a strange electricity that was rare and unexpected; it wasn’t as though she hadn’t thought about it before, she just had never expected the tenderness. She responded after a second, wrapping her arms around his neck and bringing his lips closer to hers, opening her mouth to deepen the soft kisses.

Breathing deeply through the kisses Pacey rolled her onto her back and hooked his leg over hers, pulling her closer and catching her bottom lips between his teeth before delivering a passionate kiss that caused her to moan deeply. Placing her arms around him she grabbed his ass and pushed his body into her, feeling his stiffness between her legs.

“I could really do with an hour longer,” Pacey mumbled into her skin as he moved to her neck.

“Whys that?” She asked through a deep moan as she ran her hands up his back, removing his t-shirt and throwing it across the room. “Because I might just be interested,”

“Don’t tease me,” he mumbled, drowning her senses with kisses to her jaw whilst his hands soothed her bare legs. “You don’t even want me to think about what I would do to you if I had the time,”

“Maybe I want to,”

“Jo,” Pacey whispered in a deep gruff, moving to gaze lustfully into her eyes. “I would do more to you in an hour than had ever been done to you before,”

“It might be a bit harder to pretend that those things didn’t happen,”

“It would be impossible for me to forget you,” he whispered cupping her face. Moving his lips back to hers he kissed her deeply, moaning when she pulled him closer, grinding her hips against his. She attacked his lips, deepening the passionate kisses and burying her fingers in his hair, pulling at the edges.

The watch vibrated against them, causing them to move away from the kiss slowly. “Three minutes already?” She asked, looking at his watch as he flopped back down on the bed and covered his face with his hands.

“Yeah,” he sighed.

“Well I guess we should probably go to sleep now so we don’t sleep in for school,” Joey said sadly, straightening her clothes out.

“Yeah,” he sighed again pulling he to him by her wrist until she almost lay on top of him and held her against him. “Back to my real life,”

“It’s not so bad,” she told him, leaning up and kissing his cheek before settling back onto his bare chest and closing her eyes. “At least It is real; the fantasies never reallycome true ”

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