True Love Tales

Whenever You Need Me


Part 4


Look at the stars,
Look how they shine for you,
And everything you do,
Yeah they were all yellow,

I came along
I wrote a song for you
And all the things you do
And it was called yellow

So then I took my turn
Oh all the things I've done
And it was all yellow

Your skin
Oh yeah your skin and bones
Turn into something beautiful
D'you know you know I love you so
You know I love you so

I swam across
I jumped across for you
Oh all the things you do
Cause you were all yellow

I drew a line
I drew a line for you
Oh what a thing to do
And it was all yellow

Your skin
Oh yeah your skin and bones
Turn into something beautiful
D'you know for you i bleed myself dry
For you i bleed myself dry

Its true look how they shine for you
look how they shine for you
look how they shine for you
look how they shine for you
look how they shine for you
look how they shine
look at the stars look how they shine for you

Dawson sat in class looking out the window, he tapped his pen against his desk and glanced at the clock; twenty minutes since class started and there was still no sign of his lab partner. He cursed at Pacey in his head, if he didn’t turn up today he would be stuck with Andie and there was no way he could handle being around her; being next to her in Math was bad enough but at least they didn't have to talk or work together.

He watched as the rain poured outside, clobbering the frame and slowly trickling down the window Payne in small streams. ‘Where the hell is Pacey?’ He asked himself.

Joey wasn't in class either; she was never late or absent. A feeling of fear swept over him as he thought of what might have happened, terrible thoughts of car accidents or hijackings, the thought of her lying beside the roadside covered in blood all alone. He snapped out of his nonsensical thoughts when he heard several pairs of feet running down the corridor and into the classroom drenched with the rain from outside.

Pacey and Joey burst through the door, hand-in-hand, still running and drenched to the bone, although they halted quickly as Mr. Rogers turned and peered over his glasses.

“Hey Mr. Rogers, how’s it hangin?” Pacey smiled charmingly, gesturing Joey to sit in her seat

Mr. Rogers sighed heavily and sat on the corner of his desk, removing his glasses and holding them in his hands when he crossed his arms. He was a man in his late thirties with black, thin rimmed glasses and short blonde hair.

“Sit down,” he barked, pointing top the seats with the frames of his glassed. His face was red and it was easy to tell he was seething “Tardy for school, tardy for life I always say Mr. Witter,” He said and watched the class roll their eyes as he said the axiom that had almost become his catchphrase. “I just cant help noticing that my most frequently tardy student is tardy again… and this time he’s bringing along a little unsuspecting friend,”

“Sorry,” Pacey mumbled, getting his belongings from his backpack.

"And what is your remarkably elaborate excuse for your tardiness today?" Mr. Rogers asked, walking over to him and looking down on him. "Let me think…what haven't you used?" he pretended to think. "An elephant sat on your engine perhaps?"

"No, sir. I slept in," Pacey replied simply. There were many things he could do to make this worse and he had no intention of doing any of them; not today.

"You slept in?" he repeated slowly, feigning shock. "Well, well, well, this is a sudden alteration of genetic makeup… telling the truth?" The teacher chuckled at Pacey's expense. "Bizarre concept, I'm relatively impressed" he said.

“Talk about kicking a man when he’s down,” Pacey mumbled.

“What was that Mr. Witter, a comment that you would wish to share perhaps?”

“No sir,”

"It was all my fault Mr. Rogers, sir," Joey said speaking up, she felt awful. If it wasn't for her they wouldn't have been late. "I made Pacey late. I'm sorry," she said, she couldn’t let him take all the criticism for it.

"Miss Potter, it's just such a shame you're letting him drag you down with him," he said. Joey's plan had not worked at all. “A shame that girl on the honors list would be brought down to the level of a zoo-caged baboon so easily,”

"That's hardly fair, sir," Joey spoke up as he turned his back. “Its clear that the only baboon in this classroom is you,” Joey said and watched him as he quickly whipped back and looked at her questioningly.

“Excuse me?”

"To criticize for being a few minutes late? That is just plain benightedness on your part," she said biting her lip. She had never talked back to a teacher before but it was about time she did, it actually felt good. "And to put him down in front of everyone when I admitted it was me who made us twenty minutes late for your absolutely uninteresting, unexciting, ho-hum class is pathetic!"

She heard people sucking the air in through their teeth as they heard her talk. She was being very brave no one in their right mind would talk back to him like this; nobody but Pacey.

"Excuse me, Miss Potter. Are you criticizing my judgment and my teaching in my own classroom?" He asked annoyed at her. "You are completely out of order," he said, shocked by her outburst.

"I'm criticizing your judgment, or should I say I’m criticizing your lack of judgment. I am criticizing your excessively heinous teaching methods. I'm criticizing your offensive conduct and your complete Lack of respect for your students!" She paused for a small think. "I'm criticizing you in general," she said bravely. She was sick of him and the way he was treating Pacey and he wasn’t going to get him get away with it. She didn’t care if they gave her detention or even academic probation; she wasn't prepared to let him put Pacey down anymore.

"Joey..." he said slowly.”It's such a pity to see you this way… You're such a good student it's horrible to see a good student be dragged down by a bad student. What's next? Are you going to spit in my face? Make me retire early?" he said sweetly. He was pushing her and he knew it. “Is there any more of Mr. Witter’s trademark behavior you would wish to duplicate?”

"Screw you!" Joey said in an outburst, she couldn't quite believe her mouth. “Screw you and your class. He’s a decent, honest. Hard-working guy and most of all a human being; how dare you speak to any other human being the way you speak to him!”

‘When did she care so much that she would push herself just to protect him?’ Joey thought to herself. She couldn’t pinpoint the exact moment when she decided to put herself on the line for him; she didn’t care how much trouble she would get into. She glanced over and saw Pacey's face; it was one of confusion, and humor. He was dying to jump in and rescue her but he was scared if he did it would kill the point she was obviously trying to make.

"Miss Potter!" Mr. Rogers said in a blast. It looked like he was about to blow a gasket, whatever a gasket was, or even a blood vessel if that little vain didn’t stop throbbing. She watched it, it was almost hypnotizing her, watching it throb up then down, then up and down again. "If you weren't such a good student when you aren't being influenced I would make you collect your things and march down that corridor to see Principal Green!" he shouted pointing his lanky fingers at her.

“Do you see anyone influencing me?” She asked. “I’m my own woman; I feel the way I want to feel and I act the way I want to act. Nobody can stop me from expressing what I feel I need to express to get through to a chauvinistic, uncaring, self-indulgent fossil like you!”

“Err Jo” Pacey whispered, leaning over on his desk. “I love that you found your spine and all but I think it’s taken over and gone completely power-mad,”

“Mr. Green’s office Miss Potter, – Now!” Mr. Rogers barked, pointing to the door.

“Gladly!” Joey sighed picking her bag up and marching out the door. The class was amazed and couldn’t quite believe what she had done. Pacey looked at her as she left, not sure whether to walk out after her; he already felt guilty for getting her into trouble but he was touched by her actions. She was willing to stand up for him when no one else would; he didn’t know what it was about that girl but she truly did believe in him, and it almost made him believe in himself too.

Joey stood at her locker putting her books in her locker smiling, very happy with herself, as she closed her locker door. She heard her voice being yelled by someone from far away.


She looked for the person who was shouting for her and saw him at the opposite end of the hallway. It was Pacey running towards her, calling her name. He almost ran past her he was running so fast.

"Joey!" He asked out of breath.


"What happened this morning? Are you okay?" he asked her. Still trying to get his breath back. He looked at her; she was amused, not angry or upset but amused. He searched her eyes with his and only saw a smile. "Okay..." he said confused. “Why are you smiling? Shouldn't you be upset and crying because you got into trouble or something? We all know you hate being sent to the principal’s office even if it’s just to take a message,”

"It's okay. I just got a detention," Joey said laughing at his reaction. "But you're so adorable when you're worried," she told him kissing his nose; he was now even more confused. "And even cuter when you're confused. Your nose wrinkles up and your forehead gets all lines on it. It's cute like one of those puppies with all the wrinkles," she said laughing gently.

“I’m confused,” he mumbled, putting his hand over his face.

“Don’t be,”

“Who are you and where have you hidden my Joey!” Pacey asked, grabbing her by her shoulders and shaking her. “Where’s my Joey?”

“Oh hah-hah Pace,”

“Still confused,” he told her, searching her eyes for an explanation.

“Well you shouldn’t be,” she told him closing her locker and dragging him down the corridor, hooking her arm with his "I told Principal Green how unfair I thought Mr. Rogers was and how out of line he was and he just gave me a detention," she explained. "He said it was bad behavior however it still fit in with the welfare of school spirit,”

“And we all know how into that whole angle he gets,”

“Exactly. He was very nice about it, he even promised to talk to him about his attitude towards his students."

"Why did you do it Jo?" he asked seriously, stopping her in the hallway and pulling her to a quiet corner. "You could have gotten into major trouble for it," he said looking in her eyes softly. “It’s not like you,”

"I wasn’t going to let a jerk treat you like that," she told him softly. "You deserve better and since nobody sticks up for you anymore I couldn’t watch it. I couldn't bear to see that hurt in your eyes again; the look I saw last night." She smiled shyly. “And the look I saw this morning,”

“I’m sorry I made you feel that way,”

“It’s not your fault Pace,” she told him, closing the gap between them and hugging him. “None of this mess is your fault… I just want to help you make your life a little better,”

“You try to do so much,” he whispered, holding her against him, taking in the scent of her hair as he played with the edges, letting her silky tresses run through his fingers. “It’s not always possible to change someone’s fate,”

“It’s not your fate Pace, and I’m intent on proving it,”

“Why do you even bother with me?” he asked sadly, swaying her a little through their close embrace.

“You mean so much to me Pacey,” Joey told him, looking up to him and cupping his cheek, smiling lightly when he leant into her hand. “You mean so much and I can't sit back and see people tear you to shreds when you have worked your ass off to improve your grades," she told him. All he did was look back her and smile softly.

“Without you my life would suck,”

“Such a romantic soul,” she chuckled, gazing into his deep blue eyes and caressing the skin on his cheek. “Your life would suck huh?”

“Oh completely!”

They stood for a moment, doing nothing, just looking intensely at each other. Flashes of the morning time came to his mind; those three minutes he had promised he wouldn’t remember. Her gentle touch; her lips against his kissing him softly but with a desperate need to touch him. He couldn’t stop the thoughts of her body rocking against his, ready to surrender to his touches.

"Listen Jo,” he said suddenly, almost in a panic as he moved away from her to escape the thoughts racing through his mind. “I have to go-- I promised I would have lunch with Andie and she's waiting." He told her and swallowed a hard lump in his throat. He didn’t know what he had just felt for her but it was not just platonic by any stretch of the imagination. "I'll see you at home later though," he told her. "I have something to do," Pacey said walking away from her, almost tripping on his own feet.

He had to talk to Andie; he wanted to ask her about some things that were bothering him.

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