True Love Tales

Whenever You Need Me


Part 7

Dead In The Water

People stand in line
People stand in line
People stand in line
A permonition of
The killer’s angel eyes
An armageddon sky
Tell it like it is
It’s like the old man says
We’re dead in the water now
Dead in the water

They come from miles around
They come from miles around
They come from miles around
In avarice and love
To suckle on the blood
Of some forgotten god
Sell it like it is
It’s like the old man says
We’re dead in the water now
We’re dead in the water now
Dead in the water

A simple act of faith
A simple act of faith
A simple act of faith
A celebration of
The colour and the creed
The cancer and it’s seed
Crackles on the mic
Can call it what you like
We’re dead in the water now
We’re dead in the water now
Dead in the water

Joey sat in the old wicker chair on the decking looking out at the heavy sky. The rain was near torrential and angry storm clouds were forming overhead; it was almost as if a tempest was advancing on the small hamlet. The enraged wind hollered loudly and blew violently; trees swayed viciously and the water on the creek rippled as if someone was trying to pick it up.

The blustery weather blew against her cheeks making them numb and her hair stuck to her face with the rain. Joey put her hands to her cheeks and removed the wild strands and tucked them behind her ear, trying desperately to tame them. She stood up from the chair and walked slowly to the edge of the steps, looking out at the blustery weather hoping she would see him. No sign yet. A sudden gust of wind almost blew her from her feet and she ventured closer into the shelter and away from the beating rainstorm.

She didn't even know why she was out there watching the sky and feeling the cold wind on her face; she could be inside the house looking out the window but the view out the window was minimal. Joey could smell the angry storm as it approached her and she heard the thunder angrily grumble in the evening sky; a warning the storm was intensifying. If he wasn’t

It was ten o'clock and Pacey still wasn’t home; he had promised to be back by eight after he had talked to Andie and he was known to generally be a little later that he promised but two hours was just not like him. She had called everywhere to try and find him with no luck and if she was being honest there was only one place he could be; she hoped he wasn’t.

The rain hit the decking with such a force she was sure it was going to break through and she was cold and wet. Bessie had urged her to come inside four times in the last five minutes, but she couldn't; or rather, she wouldn’t. She had contemplated going out in the rain to search for him but knew he would be home soon and if she did go out it was guaranteed that he would arrive in the meantime; it was just Murphy ’s Law.

She squinted, trying to get a better view of a pair of headlights heading towards the house, the windscreen wipers swept across the windshield as fast as they could manage but still didn’t hold off the downpour. She smiled a little as the truck came into view; it was Pacey's and she sighed as she saw him jumping out with a grey bag slung over his shoulder.

He ran towards the house trying to escape the downpour and paused when he saw her standing out in the rain

"What are you doing out here?" Pacey asked, almost having to shout over the wildness of the storm. "You'll freeze!" He said as he ushered her inside the house with him.

It wasn’t until they got inside she raw his face; bruised and bleeding. His eye was almost closed and it was amazing he could even see out of it to drive; his lip was swollen and cut all along one side and his nose looked painfully broken.

“I’m fine,” he told her softly, putting down the bag and throwing one arm around her, pulling her close and groaning when she touched his battered chest. She jumped away, putting her hand over her mouth as she gazed at him and placing the other one over his cheek. He winced, sucking air through his teeth and removed her hand, kissing it gently. “I’m fine,” he repeated, swallowing a lump in his throat as he saw the tears well in her eyes. He looked into her deep eyes; those beautiful concerned eyes full of tears threatening to fall.

“What thehell happened?” she asked him, unable to contain her tears anymore.

“I’m okay; really,”

Okay?” She shouted angrily, looking at him. “You go out for a few hours to talk to Andie and you come home looking like you’ve gone six rounds with Mike Tyson and then you say you’re okay!”

“I am,” he told her, wiping away her tears that rushed down her face. “Really I am," he reassured her.

“Don’t lie to me,” she cried, reaching out to touch his face. “What the hell happened to you?”

“It’s nothing you need to worry about,”

“But look at you,” she whimpered tearfully, closing the gap between them and running her fingers across the wound on his lip. She felt it, touching where he had been recently abused and dropped her hands from his face unable to look anymore. She turned around, letting her tears fall without him being able to see; she didn’t want him to see her break like this.

”Don’t cry,” he pleaded. “Please,”

"How did this happen?" She asked unable to look at him as her lip trembled.

“You don’t want to hear Jo,” he told her, turning her by her shoulders and putting his arm around her, holding her against him again. She said nothing as she wept against him, putting her arms around him and gripping the arm that hung by his side. She gripped his arm, pulling away when she heard him yelp in pain and looked at the blood on her fingers that had soaked through his shirt.

“You’re bleeding!” she said looking at the blood as one solitary tear escaped from her duct, rolling down her soft skin and over her cheekbone. It traveled down her face and to her chin; hanging for a while in the silence before it finally dropped down and splattered on the wooden floor, almost hearing the echo in the silence of him. He did not speak, he just lifted his hand to her face and caught another tear on his finger, stopping her tears for falling for a moment as he looked at her and saw the hurt in her eyes.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered sadly, holding back tears caused by the hurt he caused her.

"Tell me what happened Pacey?" Joey asked, her voice only a mute whisper, it was almost as though she had not said the words at all, but only mouthed them to him. “What happened to your face and why the hell are you bleeding?”

"Joey," Pacey whispered. "Don't cry please I'm okay," his voice shook as he saw her teary state; as much as he wanted to he couldn't stop her from aching inside or her heart from shattering he knew he couldn’t. “I’m here now; I’m fine,”

“You’re not fine,” she told him. “you are not fine! You’re hurt and you’re bleeding; that is not fine!”

“I’m sorry,” he told her, leading her into the bedroom away from the family and sitting her down beside him on the bed. Her teary eyes asked him for an explanation as she touched his cheek again. Pacey looked down, unable to watch her as she gazed into his eyes. The tears fell from his ducts and he wiped them quickly before she could see them. He gripped the ends of her fingers with his hands and smoothed then softly; he tried to still her as she shook with the emotions but he could hear her as she cried softly, looking at him; he could feel her eyes burning into him.

“Tell me?”

“I can’t,” he whispered, shaking his head to block her out. He didn’t want to feel her eyes burning into his skin as she gazed at him. He felt a soft touch on his battered cheek and leant into her soft hands as they caressed his cheek. She moved her other hand to his face, raising his chin to look at her.

“Please,” she begged. “Tell me,”

“You don’t want to hear what happened; it would break you and have no intention of breaking you like he’s broken me,”

“Pace,” Joey cried his name, stroking his hair with her fingers as the salty tears fell from her eyes, blurring her vision so she couldn’t see. “What the hell did he do to make you look like this?”

He gulped down tears to stop him weeping, not for himself but for the way he broke her. "I went to get some things from home and he was there, I'm not going back Joey I promise you I'm not. It wasn’t even all that much…”

“Don’t lie to me,” she whispered angrily, letting her tears overtake her angry eyes. “After everything we have been through do not lie to me; I deserve more,”

“It’s over, done; gone. No more hurt, no more pain; one last duel," he told her.

"Where have you been all this time, just at home with him fighting?" She asked him. "Ripping each other apart like animals?”

"I went to see Andie and we had a talk, then I needed to get some things straight in my head so I went to The Ruins; I was there for about an hour. On my way home I went to get some stuff from home; I haven't just been there getting the crap beaten out of me for hours you know Jo? I'm allright," he said reassuring her.

"Why don’t I believe you?" She managed to get out before her tears invaded her again. He nodded his head and wiped her tears from her eyes with the back of his free hand, his soft skin brushed against her moist cheeks and the warmth soothed her.

“Because you can tell when I’m lying; you see through me like you always have," he said, holding her against his chest and groaning at the pain.

“I’m going to get some stuff to clean you up,” she told him, pulling away and cupping his cheek, kissing hips lip softly and moving away slowly, swallowing a lump in her throat as she looked into his eyes

“You should change,” he told her, reaching out to soothe her hair away from her face. “You’re soaked through,”

“I don’t have anything at hand,” she4 told him. “I’ll just clear you up and then I’ll dig something out,”

“You can wear my Bruins jersey,” he told her, retrieving it from the drawer beside the bed and handing it to her, watching her as she took it.

“You don’t let anybody wear this,” she told him, putting her hand on his cheek.

“Well you’re not just anybody are you?” he asked, kissing her hand softly.

“I’ll be back in a minute,”

“Pacey where have you been! Joey has been--” Bessie complained as she walked into the room, stopping suddenly when she saw him. “You idiot!”


“You went back didn’t you?” she asked him angrily, shutting the door heavily. “You had to go back didn’t you? You’re just like your stupid brother! You can’t just leave him; you cant just let him get on with it, you have to go and risk it all!” she exploded, walking over to him and glaring at him.


“I mean who cares who’s waiting for you, worrying about you. Who cares who has to pick up the pieces! Who cares about the people who have to patch you up and hope you’re okay, just worrying and hoping that it isn’t that one day that you’re hurt so much that you cant get up and cant escape from him,”

Pacey dropped his head, staring at the floor before looking up her.”I’m sorry,”

“No,” she sighed, sitting beside him. “I’m sorry,”

“Don’t be… you are completely right,” Pacey sighed. “I’m an idiot. And look how much I hurt her”

“You’re not an idiot,” she told him, moving closer to him. “It just feels like ten years ago again; you’re just so much like him,” she told him. “Except he stayed and he was okay; I thinks it’s worse for you. He could kill you couldn’t he?”

“I think so; I think he wants to every time he hits me,”

“He’s such an evil man,” she whispered softly, looking down at the floor and shaking thoughts out of her head. ”Such a bad, evil man and I won’t let him get to you,”

“You Potter girls sure do worry about us Witter boys,”

“Someone has to,” she smiled lightly. “I think I better go call your brother,”

“I don’t want him here,”

“Don’t worry; I’ll just shout at him a bit and let him know what’s going on,”

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