True Love Tales

Community Pacey/Joey Appreciation

Welcome to the Pacey/Joey true love story page.  This is a place where visitors can contribute their story of their PJ love.

First up is Jenn.. well done for being #1 person to contribute, hopefully theyll be some more. You even got your name in lights :D 


Hey Jo!
Here's one of my favorite moments. I think it's pretty self-explanatoryas to why I love it, but I'll try to put it into words.
1st-  it's the first time Joey says it out loud that she's in love with Pacey, and she tells him that she's known since the moment he kissed her and probably even before that :-) It's so amazing how she tells him that he never holds her back, and I think
that's a big thing in their relationship, they continue to let each other grow, even when they aren't together (unlike the relationship from hell that is DJ) I love that he makes her admit her feelings. I love that they sail off into the
sunset...something that I seriously want to do but probably never will.


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