True Love Tales

Pacey/Joey Fanfic

Pacey and Joey were without doubt the favourite couple on Dawsons Creek.  Years after the shopw has gone our love for them still remain
Stories of fantasy are our only hope now and wether they be based on the show or completely Alternitive Universe we still love to image their adventures together.
Disclaimer: The DC gang dont belong to me; theyre all the creation of Kevin Williamson and the WB.  The ideas are mine but they wouldnt exist without the wonderful charicters we all know and love. This site is in no way afilliated with KW, the WB or any of the actors.


Whilst He Is Sleeping.


This Is a One Part fic about Joey as she watches pacey as she sleeps. 
No season
Rated R for content.

Tuscan Dreams


This is an AU fic which is set in what would be between season 4 and season 5.  it's a summer fic set in Tuscany in Italy. All main charicters and some more.

Tuscan Dreams - Part 1

Tuscan Dreams - Part 2

Tuscan Dreams - Part 3

Tuscan Dreams - Part 4

Tuscan Dreams - Part 5

Tuscan Dreams - Part 6

Tuscan Dreams - Part 7

Tuscan Dreams - Part 8 - Coming soon!

Old Blue Jeans


This is a story post season 6 (though not the finale). its not really AU.  Pacey never lost his job as a stockbroker and Joey didnt go back to eddie... its a kind of 'what-if' story set in New York. Rated R for content

Old Blue Jeans - Part 1

Old Blue Jeans - Part 2

Old Blue Jeans - Part 3

Old Blue Jeans - Part 4

Old Blue Jeans - Part 5

Old Blue Jeans - Part 6

Old Blue Jeans - Part 7- coming soon!!

Whenever You Need Me


This is a fic i wrote years ago that im completely reworking,.  so if you read the original its worth reading this; it's not 100% different but its not the same either lol.  rated R for voilence and sexual content.... angsty

Whenever You Need Me - Part 1

Whenever You Need Me - Part 2

Whenever You Need Me - Part 3

Whenever You Need Me - Part 4

Whenever You Need Me - Part 5

Whenever You Need Me - Part 6

Whenever You Need Me - Part 7

Whenever You Need Me - Part 8

Whenever You Need Me - Part 9 - Coming soon!!!

Expect The Unexpected


This is a short store (prob 3 or 4 parts) written 1/2 in Joeys perspective and 1/2 in 2nd person .  set after the detention episode in season 1 its about how even when you exoect the unexected its still unexpected.  how feelings can change with one look, one touch and one kiss.
Expect The Unexpected -  Part 1
Expect The Unexpected -  Part 2
Expect The Unexpected -  Part 3 coming soon!!!

Accidentally In Love


This is a little 2 part story about the day joey saw pacey and realised how she felt.  Bit fluffy lol... inspired by the song 'accidentally in love' (it appeared in shrek 2 )
Accidentally In Love - Part 1
Accidentally In Love - Part 2 coming soon!!!