True Love Tales

Accidentally In Love


Part 1

“There’s a very thin line between love and hate,” my mother used to tell me as she cleaned me up every time he pushed me down in the mud; that obscene little boy with curly brown hair and a permanent scab on his knee. He always wore the same thing; brown corduroy jeans and a yellow t-shirt with his name sewn into the neck. He always said the same things; nasty things that made me cry. Back in those days I would never agree with my mother; I would never believe that love and hate were similar at all. In fact I didn’t agree at all for a very long time. Motherly advice often makes no sense at all until you experience the meaning of it first hand.

But… when you sit down and ponder over it… love and hate are just different sides of the same coin aren’t they? They’re very alike in many ways that you don’t even consider till you accidentally fall in love with someone you hate. They’re made up of the same basic principle; passion. And whether it’s the passion to hate someone or love someone it’s passion nether the less.

Passion burns.

It can burn you in a way that makes you feel warm and alive; in ways that make you happy to feel burned; it can burn you like love


It can burn you in a way that makes you scream from the pain and humiliation; in ways that make you feel like you want to scream your lungs out until you cant scream anymore; it can burn you like hate.

Passion can be a fickle mistress.

Passion can change; and it will.

Without telling you.

And that’s what it did; one summer day when I was seventeen years old it changed. In one minute, one instant, my whole life changed. My world was turned upside down by this boy—growing into a man—that I was supposed to hate.

It was a summer day, down by the beach in a secluded spot. I was painting, or trying to paint as I saw him across the bay, throwing a battered orange ball into the water and watching as his dog fetched it and brought it back to him.

Sometimes I guess there’s one moment, when you’re watching someone who isn’t aware of it, that they do something that you can’t help but notice. It can be the smallest thing that should mean nothing; except it doesn’t.

That was the day a girl fell in love with a boy; the boy not of her wildest dreams, but of her most disgusting nightmares.

The day that I fell unexpectedly, head-over-heels, madly and completely accidentally in love

Part two coming soon!!!

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