True Love Tales



It all started with a kiss by the roadside and as we all held our breaths  we just knew something special was going to happen!
But i dont think anyone really suspected it would turn into a friendship that burned so fierce that it would set the world on fire. 

It ended with a kiss but it never really ended.


on this site i pay a tribute to the kiss that didnt end it all, it just started it.


It includes Fanfic, Fanart, musings, avvies , and everything PJ.


feel free to join my community and share the true love.


Find out how other fans saw their love here


Read some favourite quotes from the show here


True love stories never have happy endings because true love stories never end.



The site is finally taking shape.  Dont forget to sign my guestbook and leave comments on the fanfiction there something else you would like to see here?  let me know.
enjoy the site!

19th April 2006 -
Updated fics section
Updated Community fanfic with story by Daphnee
23rd April 2006-
Updated Community PJ apreciation section
Created Quotes section.  here
Updated Fiction section
Added Avies and wallpaper for Joey & Pacey/joey